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2nd Lt Bernice of the Marco Island
Civil Air Patrol Squadron
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The Burmese Python that was in the Marco Squadron Hangar is now in a cage on its way to the Wild Animal Reserve at the Everglades Outpost in Homestead. It was truly a community effort to catch her. The Marco Fire Department provided a hook and ladder with a bucket at the end of the ladder. They backed it into the hangar. The Collier County Sheriff provided security for this event. Allen Stryker, the Collier County wild animal trapper and several from the Everglades Outpost directed the effort. They went up in the bucket, walked the rafters to the location of the python and grabbed it by the head and simply brought it down. It is measured to be an 8 foot Burmese Python. As they were doing all this Al, our alligator in the pond next door watched with interest. The trapper said she was a wild snake, probably never someone's pet. He judged this by her aggressive nature when they caught her. In time she will grow to be over 20 feet long.
The media was there in good style. We have a lot of publicity coming out on this in the media probably tomorrow. You can read the story in  within 24 hours if you like. Once it comes out we will get something together for the Gater.
This python is female and Marco Squadron members decided to name her Bernice to go with Burmese Python. In addition, I gave her a spot promotion to Second Lieutenant. At the Everglades Outpost she will be on display in grand style and there will be a plaque that says, Lt Bernice of the Marco Island Civil Air Patrol Squadron for all who visit to see. In addition, we will include her on our Org Chart and Roster as our mascot. Her address and phone number will be that of the Everglades Outpost Wild Animal Reserve.
She is a prize in good health and the reserve was very happy to come pick her up. This turned out to be a happy ending for everyone including Lt Bernice.
Lee Henderson

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